The company was founded in 1989 and was initially based in Nea Efkarpia, Thessaloniki. In 2001 it was named Pegasus Metallurgy SA and from 2004 is based in the 25th KM New National Road Thessaloniki – Kilkis, near Nea Santa.


The main activities of the company are the production of secondary aluminium alloys and brass alloys with high standards by recycling scrap, maintaining a strict quality policy and having all the necessary permits for transportation, storage and handling of metals. In addition to its production activities, the company is one of the biggest scrap metal exporting companies in Greece.

Goals and vision

Goals and vision
By continuously investing in new machinery, enriching our know-how and utilizing the capital of our human resources, we offer high-standard metal alloys and we trade scrap aiming to establish Pegasus Metallurgy SA in a leading position in the sector of metal recycling in Greece. The course of the company is guided by values that target its long-term sustainable development, with respect to society, protection of the environment and preserving the natural resources. In our company we envision to be consistent towards our partners and we invest in our credibility.


In Pegasus Metallurgy SA, we share with our employees a common interest in the development of our company aligned with respect to the environment. In our company our main priority is the safety of our employees. Our people through the training they receive they add value to our activities. In Pegasus Metallurgy SA, we recognize the determining role that the humal capital plays in its upward course.